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You have to believe it to see it

Daniel Gardner

Donuts on Cake

When people argue, onlookers often say the truth is likely somewhere in the middle. The Truth does not reside somewhere in the middle between the sides. From the beginning we’ve made wrong decisions even when the right choice has been graciously provided. The Truth abides far above the highest intellects and imaginations of humanity.

In “Paradigms,” Joel Arthur Barker writes a simple but astonishingly profound truth: “I’ll see it when I believe it.” Truth must be believed before one can distinguish between what is real and what is error. Those who are following the false narrative, no matter how well traveled by the most intellectually elite, are still following a false narrative that may ring true, but is far from the truth.

Truth coupled with belief comprises the most powerful insight. On the other hand, a narrative based on human nature or common sense coupled with belief produces the most destructive of all forces. Each of us follows belief trusting the end that is promised. If truth, then powerful insight. If narrative, then utter annihilation.

All narratives come from the thoughts and imaginations of the heart. All truth comes from above. Thus, the heart has always and will always wrestle with the Truth from above.

Today’s narratives are no different from what they’ve ever been. We see ourselves as competent and in control of our own worlds, at least most of the time. Who takes better care of us that we ourselves? Nature is our mother, and we worship her at all costs. Finding the golden fleece is our continual odyssey. Power and conquest is our destiny.

In this world there is no consensus of truth. There is only struggle for control over those forces that do not follow the narrative. Mother nature is our supreme goddess as she has always been. We must protect her at all costs or reap total destruction. Everyone must conform to protect mother nature. Evil people do not revere mother nature, so they must be forced to follow the narrative for the survival of the human race. Even though mother nature provides life for all the living, she cannot protect herself. Only people can protect the her.

When mother nature is wounded, only the wisest among us can heal her. The wise know only they can heal mother nature, and only then if the rest of us follow the divine narrative. The rest of us must march to the step of the divine narrative, otherwise the whole planet will be destroyed.

Around 250 years or so ago, a group of people asked whether we could live together in freedom rather than under compulsion of superior forces who would make us do what was for our own good and the good of all. What a radical idea! That thought bred a higher thought that we must all be equal if freedom could work. Ultimately, those thoughts led to a Creator Who is above all and intervenes in each life.

Those founders who followed this truth knew freedom would work only as long as the people trusted the Truth to free us in every way. Truth always leads to freedom. The narrative always leads to destruction.

Many today disparage ‘freedom’ as a code word for oppression, when actually the narrative is the oppressor. The narrative always says ‘no.’ Freedom always says ‘yes.’ Believe the Truth and see that only Truth begets freedom.

Donuts on Cake
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