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Outbreak of Variable Oak Leaf Caterpillar & Hypoxylon Canker Threatens Central Mississippi Oaks



A significant outbreak of variable oak leaf caterpillar, coupled with the presence of hypoxylon canker, which is a fungus that negatively affects growth and can eventually lead to the death of weak or diseased host trees, has been reported in several cities in or near Central Mississippi, including the Flora, Pocahantas, and Raymond areas. This dual threat poses a serious risk to the health of oak and other hardwood trees in the area. Russell Bozeman, MFC State Forester, declares, “We are aware . . .

From the Pastor’s Pen:



Zachery Byrd

“But whoever blasphemes against the
Holy Spirit
never has
but is guilty
of an eternal sin”- for they were saying,
‘He has an unclean spirit.’”
(Mark 3:29-30)

Oh, how this passage has troubled a many of souls! As it should. Sin is nothing to trifle with, and our society stands to take sin more seriously. To do just that, let us ask exactly what is happening in this passage.The Pharisees watched Jesus’ miracles being worked in the power of the Holy Spirit, and they heard Jesu . . .

Felder’s Bizarre Critters



Felder Rushing

Don’t look too closely at a cicada, whose lurid red eyes are downright nightmarish.

Cicadas are truly odd critters, living underground for years as soft, thumb-size grubs, only to emerge with hard-shell exoskeletons and brittle wings for a few days of rattling out raspy mating songs before becoming fodder for birds and possums… what a life.

But while discussing them on the radio the last week I got stumped good and proper by someone asking me what the weirdest creature is I have ever com . . .

Terry News



Carolyn Clements

The Friends of Terry hosted a sold out event at the Terry Depot on Friday. Tickets went so fast for the evening performance that it was necessary to add a matinee as well. The entertainer was Nick Perkins, an Elvis entertainer. Cars lined the street for the performances. It’s great to bring visitors to our town as the Dimmer Theater has done for many years.

Nick Perkins, entertainer, is only 25 years old and lives in Hammond, LA. He launched his career at the age of eighteen. In 2018 he . . .

Hinds CC Offering New Electrical Line Worker Program



Registration is now open for Hinds Community College’s new Electrical Line Worker program on the Raymond Campus in fall 2024.

The 16-week electrical line worker program will be an intensive training course designed to prepare students for careers in the electrical utility industry. The classes will be offered Monday through Friday in the fall and spring with an enrollment capacity of 16 students per semester.

“Hinds is offering this program in response to the electrical utility industry sa . . .

Winning A Debate Isn’t Exactly Tantamount To Winning An Election



Mac Gordon

In the eyes of many political observers and voters, serious questions over President Biden’s mental sharpness and physical limitations going forward are of epic consequence to America in this election year.

But “many” doesn’t take in all of the populace of this country. Many others say there are other overriding factors in play as the country chooses a leader for the next four years.

One of these obvious factors is the legal trouble still facing former President Trump, already carrying a 34 . . .

Armchair Ponderings
Debate, Ha!



Guy Geller

Last night I, like millions of viewers were not necessarily shocked at the debacle entitled “presidential debate.” We suspected that the President was on a downward trend regarding his cognitive function, but not quite to that extent. We all saw it so I don’t have to point out any particular statement even though some were whoppers. “No military have died under my watch!” I can think of 18 in Afghanistan.

Many of his statements will be regurgitated over the next few weeks; so, I will let ot . . .

Best Food & Travel Items of 2024… So Far, Anyway



Kara Kimbrough

BEST HOMEMADE GRANOLA-- Homemade granola is the perfect meal or snack; better yet, it tastes 100 times better than the store-bought version.

I’m not sure how – or when – it happened, but 2024 is more than halfway done. Before more time elapses, here are the items that have made cooking, eating and traveling a little more memorable in the first six months.

1. The first one is actually a combination food/travel find: A road trip of any length must include snacks. A new favorite is Ritz Toaste . . .

With ‘Interim’ Label Removed, New MC Honors College Director Brings ‘Fresh Vision’ To Role



Christopher Weeks said his greatest challenge as director of the Honors College at MC is learning how to guide the program to “a place of greater flourishing.”

A robust conversation between a pair of students in the Honors College at MC sparked by an elective class epitomizes what Christopher Weeks, associate professor of biology at Mississippi College, values most about the program.

The roommates – one pursuing a biology degree, the other, mathematics – were embroiled in a deep, epi . . .

Raymond Garden Club July Yard of the Month



RAYMOND GARDEN CLUB JULY YARD OF THE MONTH--- The Raymond Garden Club July Yard of the Month belongs to Dona Elam, and is located at 235 Gillespie Circle.

RAYMOND GARDEN CLUB JULY HONORABLE MENTION YARD OF THE MONTH--- The Raymond Garden Club July Honorable Mention belongs to Jack & Nancy Lee, and is located at 231 East Main Street. . . .

Mobile Disaster Recovery Center Open in Hinds County



The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) and FEMA have opened a Mobile Disaster Recovery Center in Hinds County to help survivors affected by the April 8-11, 2024, severe storms, tornadoes and flooding.

Specialists from FEMA, the state and the U.S. Small Business Administration will be at the center to help survivors apply for federal disaster assistance, check the status of their application, answer questions and provide referrals to resources.

The center is located at: Cleon McK . . .

From the Pastor’s Pen:
“Division, distrust, discord”



Zachery Byrd

“If a kingdom
is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house
is divided against itself, that house
will not be
able to stand.”
(Mark 3:24-25)

Division, distrust, discord - all these words permeate our times as sugar does sweet tea. If trust is the currency backing the fundamental relationships in life, we are bankrupt. In this, we should not be surprised. The first sin outside of the Garden was that of brother against brother, of division, distrust, and discord. Sin . . .


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