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There are Angels Hovering ‘Round
The Call to Caregiving: Part Two



Dwalia South

In last month’s “Southernism” column, we explored one type of caregiver... a family member who devotes their days and nights to meeting the needs of an ailing relative or loved one. In recognition of National Nurses’ Week (May 8-14), I wanted to shift the conversation to the debate on whether nursing (as well as the dozens of other recognized healthcare careers) is a CALLING or a PROFESSION.

Over the last two centuries, a myriad of medical careers have emerged and undergone radical changes.
. . .

From the Pastor’s Pen:
“God is Love...” (I John 4:8)



Zachery Byrd

“God is love.”
(1 John 4:8)

One of the late classics would sing, “What is love?” We ought not to assume to know the answer. Prior generations defined love as a feeling; current generations define love as acceptance. Do you see the problem? It is not that the goal posts are always changing. The problem is that we are doing the defining. (And doing a poor job!) If the infinite, incomprehensible God is love, we must allow Him to define love on His terms. With that said, let’s establish some param . . .

New Design Chosen for Mississippi Standard License Plate



A new standard license plate has now been approved in Mississippi. The new license plates will begin being issued starting with January 2024 renewals.

“We had so many fantastic designs submitted that it was really tough to pick only one winner,” said Governor Tate Reeves. “The clear talent and creativity of Mississippians was well on display. We are excited to announce the new design and hope that drivers can enjoy showcasing it on road trips both near and far.”

In November 2022, Governor R . . .

King Charles’ Coronation Quiche: Don’t Try This at Home



Kara Kimbrough

King Charles just can’t win. As the cameras rolled last Saturday on Coronation Day, he threw a tantrum while seated in his gold carriage on Coronation Day. Professional lipreaders say he testily shouted, “This is boring!” as he cooled his heels in the gold pumpkin. Turns out, Prince William and his wife were late in arriving with their children. As a result, the royal couple was forced to enter Westminster Abbey ahead of his much more photogenic son and daughter-in-law. The Wales’ grand entranc . . .

Mississippi College-Tufts University Pipeline Prepares Med Sciences Students for Careers in Dentistry



Several years ago, a few Mississippi College graduates interested in pursuing careers in dentistry migrated to Tufts University, a world-class research institution in the Metro Boston Region, where the exceptional training they had received at MC allowed them to thrive despite a demanding curriculum.
The students’ success caught the attention of administrators at the renowned Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, the second-largest dental school in the country. The dean of admissions at . . .

Terry Headlight News



Terry P. Johnson

On this coming Saturday (May 20th) from 10:00 a. m. until 2:00 p. m., there will be a Meet-and-Greet the Candidates whose names will appear on the primary ballots on August 6th at the park in Terry (on Cunningham Avenue across from the Town Hall). This event is jointly sponsored by the Terry Historical Society and the Town of Terry. Food and drink will be sold. It is hoped that every voter from the Terry - 1 and the Terry - 2 precincts will intend in order to be informed about who there can . . .

Raymond Garden Club News



RAYMOND GARDEN CLUB-- The Raymond Garden Club met on Thursday, May 6 to install their 2023 - 20024 officers. Pictured from left to right: Doris Harris, Parliamentarian; Shirley Ware, Treasurer; Kim Williams, Co-Third Vice President: Lou Anne Askew, Secretary; Nancy Lee, Co-Third Vice President; Glenda Marberry, Second Vice President: Joyce Jenkins, First Vice President; Susan Wilks, President.

RAYMOND GARDEN CLUB-- Hostesses for the May Raymond Garden Club meeting were Kim Williams and Sharon B . . .

Felder’s Fungicides



Felder Rushing

What does my neighbor’s pear tree have in common with my nose? Both could have used a little preemptive defense from predictable ailments that aren’t easy to fix.

For the first, I’m seeing pears with burnt-looking twigs, a bacterial infection called fire blight that is spread by bees to early season flowers. Luckily, most trees survive, which is good because once infected, there is no cure; pruning usually only spreads the infected sap.

As for my nose. I finally understand my fair-skinned . . .

Armchair Ponderings
The migrant conundrum



Guy Geller

Title 42 ended on May 11, 2023. Dire consequences were anticipated with the unrestricted influx of humans looking for a better life for their families. I know why people are paying exorbitant prices to be either dumped at the border or to be smuggled all the way into this country. The United States has already spent millions of dollars trying unsuccessfully to keep “illegal aliens” from entering this country. Don’t we think it’s time to rethink our philosophy? Why are millions of people suffer . . .

Jubilee Singers Alumni Choir
St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, June 11, 3 PM



JUBILEE SINGERS ALUMNI CHOIR CONCERT-- The Alumni Jubilee Singers, under the direction of Dr. Bobby Cooper, will present a concert on June 11, 3 PM at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Bolton.

The Alumni Jubilee Singers, under the direction of Dr. Bobby Cooper, will present a concert on June 11, 3:00 PM at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Bolton. The concert will be featured in conjunction with the Eucharist celebrated by The Rev. David Elliott III.

In 1972, Dr. Cooper arrived on the Utica Campus . . .

MC Public Safety Officer’s Dedication to Others Garners Van ‘Doc’ Quick Distinguished Staff Award



Gregory Travis received the Van “Doc” Quick Distinguished Staff Award during MC’s 37th annual Faculty and Staff Retirement and Service Year Celebration April 27. Serving in the Office of Public Safety, Travis has earned the highest staff service honor at Mississippi College.

The honoree has an encouraging spirit and optimism that mirror outstanding qualities of the award’s namesake.

The award is named in honor of one of the Christian University’s most beloved and revered administrators and . . .

Terry Headlight News



Terry P. Johnson

THIS SATURDAY, JUNE 3 is the correct date for the Meet - and - Greet the Terry Candidates in the town park across from Town Hall. We hope to see a good crowd there.

In my looking at the calendar last week, I only got as far as Pentecost Sunday, and then, I stopped. I completely overlooked Memorial Day on the 29th. I trust that each reader had an observance fitting of this day. In addition to being a day of remembrance to the deceased men and women who served this country, it is also the . . .


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