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We Live In A Corrupt World

Daniel Gardner

Donuts on Cake

COVID-19! It’s spreading around the world and nothing can stop it. No one is immune. No medications can stop it or even impede its spread. We are all going to die! If everyone locks down for two weeks, we can bend the curve. Three more weeks. Isolate all summer, wear masks, distance socially. Close churches and all other non-essential places where people gather.

And, just like that it was all over. For the past two years until a couple of weeks ago, cable news and establishment outlets continually streamed COVID numbers of deaths, hospitalizations, and cases along with the usual dire warnings. Suddenly COVID disappeared. No more mandates for masks or inoculations. What happened to, “We’re all going to die!”? Overnight?

We live in a corrupt world. Russia is corrupt. Putin is crazy. Ukrainians are being slaughtered. World leaders consult and fret over any interventions that might aggravate the situation. For whom? Ukrainians? Give planes and weapons to Ukrainian pilots. Let them defend their country. Give weapons and aid to Ukrainian forces. Let them defend their country.

America is as corrupt as any nation on earth. The establishment (political, media, academic, etc.) is completely corrupt and following the narrative in lockstep. Remember five or six years ago how Trump and Russia were irrevocably one and the same threat to “democracy?” Daily for five years Washington establishment charged Trump with wild allegations about his connections with Russia. None true. All false.

Earth Day was first celebrated in America April 22, 1970, led by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. From then on Americans have been assaulted with hundreds of dire predictions that the world would freeze over, burn up, or be ravaged continually by daily weather events globally. We’re still waiting.

After the 2020 elections, America’s establishment commandeered and solidified control of government, media, and bureaucracy to manipulate the masses (that’s us) via fear and mandates. Besides the usual establishment narrative, authorities swiveled 100% to the environment. “Hey, hey, ho, ho! Fossil fuels have got to go!”

Given the reins of an energy independent nation, President Biden not only ended tens of thousands of good paying union jobs across America’s energy sectors, but he also made America dependent on oil from Russia, Iran, and other foreign producers. How many billions of dollars has America paid Russia under Biden and Democrats with complicit support of establishment media? No body saw Putin invading Ukraine, a small country, ravaging civilians. America is still funding Putin’s war with our payments for Russian oil.

All politicians are corrupt. Their primary goal in life is reelection. All other goals are money and power. America’s establishment is the political class. America is still fortunate to have a few “public servants,” but these are a small remnant of servants who have truly served America and her people over the past 200-plus years.

America’s establishment will continue to generate crises. There is no better way to control everybody else. Controlling everybody else is the means to more money and power. Crises always demand government responses, usually one-size-fits-all. Any who oppose government responses are enemies and extremists.

Beware the lie that it doesn’t matter who is president, that the president really has very little control over domestic or foreign matters. That is a lie the establishment wants the rest of us to believe.

Donuts on Cake
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