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Twists & Turns:
Things Happen in the Fall, Y’all!

Judy Causey Love

Donuts on Cake

Let me catch you up from last month. My husband, Teddy, recovered from his bronchitis and sinusitis after a second go-round of antibiotics and steroids. However, he did get a little nervous when a typo on one of the prescription bottles read: Take one at bedtime and one IF you wake up in the morning. Well, thankfully he did and we sincerely hope that he doesn’t have to go through all of that again any time soon.

The RHOLA (Real Housewives of Lower Alabama) girls’ trip to the beach went perfectly. No one got sick, sad, sullen or sunburnt. We had great weather and ate at fun restaurants like Boondocks and Margaritaville. I even had a piranha! But it was pretty tasteless and disappointing. Next time I’ll go for the Shrimp Fettuccini. But, at least I can say I ate a Piranha!

We stayed up as late as we older ladies could stand and watched vintage westerns, told funny stories on each other and did a lot of laughing. A shell-hunt in the early morning sugar-sand on the beach was absolutely Heaven-sent with a much needed air of peace and tranquility. Sometimes, there is nothing better than watching the waves roll in as you dip your toes in the warm Gulf waters.

When I returned home, Teddy showed me a package we had received and surprise! We had the pleasure to enjoy some of the biggest boiled peanuts I have ever seen from my cousin Richard Moore in McComb, Miss. Now, Alabama is also known for its peanuts and I must admit that our house is literally surrounded by peanut fields, but these Mississippi things were as big as my thumb! Just asking, but how big do your sweet potatoes get?

Now, I love November, but since it has arrived, two things have struck me. First of all, with the price increases at the grocery store a lot of people will probably be feasting on grits and toast for Thanksgiving dinner with a dessert of berries from the back yard. I hope turkey hunters are very successful this year.
The second thing is according to Wal-Mart, it’s time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day! NO! I don’t like that. It’s too early. So, let’s go back to Fall.

Cooler weather tends to bring out things I haven’t noticed before. My patience is tending to run a bit short and I can’t seem to keep my mouth shut (although that is an on-going problem and not just in the Fall).

Other examples are-I’m noticing that my dear Teddy seems to need the assistance of a hearing aid. He’s not ‘Post-Deaf’ yet…you know, As Deaf as a Post. But, the other day someone asked him a question and I made a motion around my ear to indicate that he didn’t hear them. When we got home he demanded to know why I made a hand signal suggesting that he was ‘crazy’.

Of course, when I try to tell him he could benefit from hearing aids, he says I am the only one who thinks that. He, on the other hand says he has only partial deafness-he’s partial to not listening to me all of the time. Sigh.

Another issue I have is not lack of hearing, but lack of remembering what I heard…or what I did five minutes ago. I have actually taken my pills in the kitchen and by the time I get to the living room I’m asking Teddy, “Did I take my pills?” “Of course,” he answers, “The temperature is just fine, I’m not chilled.”

Suddenly, we’re tired all of the time. I get up, put in a load of wash, vacuum a bit, dust a little and I need a nap. Teddy gets up, goes out and gets the mail and is exhausted. He told me the other day that if tiredness grew muscles, he’d be pulling an 18-wheeler with his bare hands.

I do think the reason we get confused or minor stumbles crop up and make us a bit wonky this time of year, is that we all are in love with Fall-the crisp coolness, the smell of wood smoke on the air, the pumpkins and multi-colored leaves everywhere; and we can finally go outside and breathe without breaking into a sweat. We have building excitement for the holiday season and face it, all of this happy anticipation definitely interferes with our senses.

Teddy can’t hear me because he’s listening for a chainsaw roaring nearby as someone cuts wood for their fireplace. I can’t remember anything because I’m too busy trying to make a mental Thanksgiving menu and place people and their dietary concerns in the correct seats at the table. We’re both exhausted all of the time because we live in prayerful excitement of the great things to come between now and the new year.

So, if you’re in the same boat as we are, go easy on yourself. Times are tough right now and we need all of the peace and tranquility we can find. Laugh at the little things that throw you off track. Take those little ‘postcard-trips’ inside your head. And don’t worry about that over which you have no control. Most importantly, remind each other every day to pray.

Just remember that whatever happens in November will be gone when December arrives, so take your time now and truly usher in the spirit of kindness, love and peace. We don’t have to hear every word someone says or remember who said it in order to love our families and friends and be thankful for that which we do have.

This is not a time for tension and anxiety. It’s a time to watch those holiday movies, drink the hot chocolate, cheer for your favorite football teams and thank God that we can celebrate another beautiful Fall.

Have a Blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

Donuts on Cake
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