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The Big Picture is World Conquest

Daniel Gardner

Donuts on Cake

Over the past two decades or so Americans have begun to realize how deceitful our government, media, and academy have become. It’s not so much we can’t trust them as we ought to question them to verify their claims.

One example will suffice. From 2016 on, the government, media, and academy uniformly agreed candidate Trump and President Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election along with any number of other nefarious and dastardly deeds. This week John Durham will begin to untangle a web of lies from the Oval Office down to the roots of corruption throughout the federal bureaucracy. Sadly, too many Americans will continue to believe the lies in which their brains have marinated more than six years.

Political games and corruption surprise no one. Still many of us remain astonished to see and hear those in authority unabashedly describe the king’s new clothing in glowing terms when the king is still wearing his birthday suit.

Less observed, but just as insidious are distractions that divert the masses’ attention from the big picture to the mundane frustrations of daily living. The big picture is world conquest. Have you seen that coming? Or, have you been too distracted by unchecked crime, inflation, soaring gas prices, entanglement in foreign wars, escalating murder rates, unrestrained rioting, looting, and destroying private businesses and public property, along with illegal though “mostly peaceful” protests that frighten little children of judges and other public figures? All of these not to mention a frightening shortage of baby formula, a southern border wide open to fentanyl, sex trafficking, and international terrorism?

Don’t forget the past two years of Covid-19. What lasting impact did lockdowns have on our school children as well as businesses and freedoms of speech and worship? Does anyone question mandates “based on science”? Or, will we blindly follow the Judas goat when authorities call a health emergency and demand 100% compliance?

Coalitions have already formed to coordinate a unified worldwide response to the next Covid-19 pandemic. In the next week or so, W.H.O. is assembling a “Pandemic Treaty to Control Global Human Parasites.” The treaty will teach nations how to manage problematic behavior of those who will not comply with universal health protocols.

How might global elitists implement such protocols? They will use the same fear they used during the Covid-19 pandemic. Fear tactics include food and commodity shortages, famine, pestilence, and chaos within society. They’ll pit identity groups against other groups, spread disinformation about the government prosecuting extremist groups, and broadcast propaganda about an extremist insurgency.

How has our current administration signaled weakness? Have we become dependent on oil from adversaries? Have we opened our borders to drugs and terrorists? Have we raised inflation to historic highs? Have we compromised the supply line of vital baby formula? Are protesters calling for violence against federal justices? Do criminals kill with guns, knives, and cars?

We’ve laid a shaky foundation with symptoms like these. Has there been one phenomenon recently that has unified the world against a common foe? How will the world unite when this threat returns? Will national leaders accede to worldwide consensus? What if nations disagree? What if the threat cannot be eliminated? What power might rogue nations wield to ascend to power?

The big picture is world conquest.

Donuts on Cake
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