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The “get Trump” vendetta

Guy Geller

Donuts on Cake

The constant get Trump committee led by Mississippi Congress-man Benny Thompson and Republican Vice Chair and lead attack person; Liz Cheney R-Wyoming undoubtedly stems from two possibilities. A vendetta by now Attorney General Merrick Garland who was snubbed by the Trump majority in the Senate. Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court by then President Barrack Obama was on an unprecedented hold for 293 days. While President Trump’s nominee Neil Gorsuch didn’t exactly sail through since Democratic Senators used a filibuster against his nomination, but it was nullified by the Republicans invoking the “nuclear option” that eliminated the filibuster as it pertained to Supreme Court nominations. All Republicans and three Democrats voted in his favor.

The other and most likely, is to hamstring Donald Trump to keep him from running for President in 2024. If the January 6 Committee, as it is called, can get the Justice Department led by Attorney General Merrick Garland, to come up with criminal charges against Donald Trump, that would keep him off a Presidential ballot. There is fear among the now slim majority that a President tumbling in the polls, would not be a match for the not as popular as he once was, Donald Trump, but still more so than Joe Biden who appears to not be up to the challenge.

As I write this, early Monday morning, the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States, Nancy Pelosi has not yet left for the trip to Asia that may or may not include a stop-over in Taiwan. There seems to be a game of one-upmanship between China’s President Xi Jinping and Ms. Pelosi or is it, President Joe Biden? The Chinese threat of possibly shooting down the airplane transporting the United States Speaker of the House of Representatives, if carried out, would be the final straw that broke the fictional camel’s back. I don’t believe that anyone that was alive in 1914 would remember that the assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the event that set off World War one. It’s not to say that Ms. Pelosi is as important Nationally but she is third in line for the Presidency perhaps calling for a similar response. I’m not a very bellicose person; however, in my opinion it would be a grave error to let Xi Jinping win this war of words. The United States has been weakened enough over last few months, without proving it to the world. Some would like for President Biden and his administration to acknowledge that prior to him, the country was not in the same dismal shape as it is now. He, undoubtedly knows the meaning of, “mea culpa, mea culpa; maxima mea culpa!” Those are the words of a practicing Catholic in the confessional, as he proclaims to be.

Don’t ask the multi-millionaires how the country is going! Ask the guy or gal who gets up every morning, puts on jeans, gets in his or her truck and runs the country so others don’t have to get their hands dirty. Ask the cop who gets shot at and never knows whether or not he is going home to his family at night. Ask the firefighter, man or woman who jumps into that fire vehicle at two in the morning to put out a fire that might have been caused by a drug-induced person. The administration lives by polls of 1500 samples as I read last week, out of 330 million citizens. If this isn’t a bunch of bunk, regardless of the computer algorithm being used.

The fiasco of abandoning Afghanistan, some of our allies there and the billions of dollars’ worth of equipment; was not one of this country’s brightest moments. Follow that up with the southern border debacle, the price of gas, the increase in interest rates to combat inflation, as we are told. Don’t forget electric cars and now the desire to convert farm tractors to battery power. I can visualize a farmer, cultivating a cornfield in the Midwest where some of the farms can spread out over a thousand acres, having to run an extension cord to plug in his tractor when it stops running due to the end of battery power. Perhaps a diesel-powered truck could be driven out a mile or so with a diesel generator to charge the tractor batteries while the driver took a however long break to wait for the batteries to charge. What a saving that would be!

I appreciate green trees and lush hay as much if not more than most people; when the sun comes up, I will be looking at a ninety-year-old oak tree in my front yard. Technology has not reached the point that the internal combustion engine can be relegated to the junk pile. Speaking of junk pile, what’s going to happen to those millions of batteries when they expire. I doubt that they can be recycled. How much lithium will it take to manufacture batteries until a new medium can be developed? What’s going to happen to the power grid when the millions of Joe commuters plug in their cars at night to charge the battery for the next day’s commute to the office. Some will say, they can work from home. True, some can as we have found out during this COVID interim. I’ll let you imagine all the services that need a real live person and not a robot cater to your needs.

Now do you see what goes through an old guy’s mind at three in the morning? That’s just a little of it. My mental database keeps growing; it just takes my mental search-engine a little longer to extricate what I think that I’m looking for.


Tuesday 5:25 AM

I found out this morning that while I was writing my thoughts yesterday about the Speaker of the House’s upcoming trip to Asia, or as it was once called the Far East and even the Orient; she had already left and was on her way to Singapore with a probable visit to Taiwan. I am not usually a Pelosi fan but today I say to her, Congratulations! Her airplane is now approaching Taiwan to land soon.

I only wish that she had shown a little more solidarity by including a couple Republicans to her delegation.

Donuts on Cake
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