Raymond Garden Club News

Donuts on Cake

On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, The Raymond Garden Club hosted The Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc Natchez Trace District Fall Meeting.

The Raymond Garden Club is one of 11 garden clubs included in the Natchez Trace District. The meeting was held at the Raymond Venue and attended by 75 members of garden clubs across the state. The Garden Clubs of Mississippi, Inc President Pat Young and Natchez Trace District Director Carla Stringer were among the visitors to Raymond attending the meeting.

As the host club, The Raymond Garden Club decorated the venue, prepared the meeting agenda, and provided a delicious box lunch for attendees. Breakfast snacks available to guests included zucchini bread made with zucchini raised in the community garden. Also, a beautiful display of pumpkins from the community garden decorated the entrance to the venue. Gifts of painted rocks were given to each attendee. The painted rocks were donated by club secretary Lou Anne Askew, painted by Lou Anne’s husband Sid. The painted rocks were a delight to the attendees!

Mayor Isla Tullos welcomed the guests to Raymond, and Pastor Zach Byrd offered the invocation.

After the meeting was adjourned, Raymond Garden Club President, Susan Wilks, encouraged attendees to visit local merchants in town. The Raymond Garden Club is an integral part of Raymond, and they were excited to showcase the town to their guest.

Donuts on Cake