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Raymond Cemetery Memorial Day Flags

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Memorial Day
Honoring Deceased Veterans is
May 29, 2023

Flags have been placed on graves of veterans in the Raymond Cemetery on Dry Grove Road for the past 12 years. This began when Colonel George Long, nephew of former mayor Charles L. Long, came from Virginia with a flag to honor his father, George Long, who had been a POW during WWII and is buried in Raymond. Colonel Long brought 100 more flags to use on other veterans’ graves.

With the help of submarine Captain Oliver Shearer, deceased, native of Raymond who knew many of the men and women who served in the armed forces. The graves of veterans have been identified and are listed below. If you know of others who have been buried in Raymond since this list was made in 2016, please contact Martha Ferguson 601-857-5400 or with the name and approximate location of the veteran’s grave.

ED. NOTE: The list is too long to include in this edition of the Hinds County Gazette. Please contact Martha Ferguson for the complete list.

Flags will be placed on Saturday and remain on the graves of Veterans through Memorial Day,
Monday, May 29th. You are encouraged to visit the cemetery on Dry Grove Road and remember those who have served our country in some branch of the Armed Forces.

We will have extra flags in the event your loved one is over-looked, or better still come out on Saturday morning at 8:30 and help volunteers place flags.

Donuts on Cake
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