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Progress News 3/3/22

Aline Knippers

Donuts on Cake

It was a good day at Progress BC with Bro. Dan preaching a good message from Matthew 10:24-33 on Hell. We also finished the last lesson in our Sunday school book on Joseph. Even though we all know the story of Joseph, by digging deeper we learned so much more. In all our Bible stories we were taught as children they have so much more to teach us. If you are not a part of a Sunday school class, start going to one of your choice. You will be happy you did.

Our grandson James and his daughter Raelyn attended the ‘Daddy/Daughter Sweet-heart Ball’ at Parklane School Gym on Saturday, 26th. It is for K-4 (Raelyn) to the 6th grade.

Erin and Connor Alford’s baby shower was a huge success this Sunday afternoon. Their baby boy will have a great start. I was happy to see Connor, I taught him in Sunday school and he was a joy to teach.

We are really looking forward to having Ventriloquist, John Yates, at Progress on Saturday, March 5th at 6 pm. I’ve heard so many good things about him. He has also performed at Billy Graham services. There will be another baby shower for Laken and Jonathan Sumrall in the PBC Fellowship Hall on March 6th, from 2-4 pm. It is a boy too.

Another Paint Class is scheduled for March 7th at 6 pm in Progress Fellowship Hall. Call Bernice at 601-248-6605 for info.

Seven year old Harper Hart, daughter of Candi Rimes, has once again had her surgery postponed until March 29th at Children’s Hospital in Boston. This child needs this surgery desperately and here the insurance company is holding it up because of paperwork.

Our daughter-in-law Sheila (Michael’s wife) is doing better each day after having back surgery. She is still sore and was in a lot of pain after the first day and so thankful that it does get better.

Rev. Dave Hartson had back surgery on the 24th and is at home. He said he was also sore but no pain at the moment. We are praying for all of the folks that have had surgery and those facing surgery.

Happy birthday wishes for next week are for Claire Carona 7th; Kathy Long and Sharon Long 8th; Brooke Barton, Barton Ginn, Brandi Ginn, Michael Morea, Jan Norris 9th; my nephew Teddyjoe Fortenberry, Patrick Rimes, Russell Wallace, Carl Young 11th; my great niece Gloria Brown, Ezra Jeremiah Easterbrook, Nancy Norris, Justin Schilling, Marie Schilling and Caleb Yarborough on the 12th.

Cameron and Nina Fortenberry will celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary on the 10th. Congratulations!

We are praying for Ukraine and we have a family member that has been sent there. All these young men need our support and prayers.

I am still on my soapbox about our roads. I have never seen so much trash and not just on our county roads. When we were coming from therapy this past week, I noticed, not only litter but black bags of trash on I-55. Come on people, let’s have more respect for where we live.

If you drive on our roads, I don’t have to say how bad they are. But, I won’t stop until something is done. We need answers.

I have many things to say but not enough room for it all today. So will wait until next week.

Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin. -- James 4:17

Have a safe and blessed week, Aline.

Donuts on Cake
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