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Pages from the Gazette’s Past: 199?

Mary Kuhn

Donuts on Cake

Hinds County Gazette

I visited with “Sonny” Kelly at hiss service station on the square. Always good to see “Sonny” and talk old times about Raymond, the Town Square, and Raymond Mafia. Sonny had a set of photos framed that include Joe Brent, Granddaddy, Alex Epperson and Kelly Williams; John Franklin “Pig” Thigpen; Judge Hugh B. Gillespie; Charles Riser, Dick Prassell, Troy Standifer and Harvey Mashburn Jr.; Lamar and “Sonny” Kelly in their old service station on Main Street.

Can you visualize that there once was a time when the sidewalks on the Main Street of Raymond on Saturday and Saturday night were so crowded you could hardly walk down them? Horses, mules, wagons and cotton wagons circled the tank square. Curb service at Kelly Williams Drug Store, best soda fountain around, milk shakes, fountain Cokes, ice cream cones, etc.

Miller Dent, Sr. and Lewis Andrews matching to see who bought the Roi-Tan cigars at Kelly Williams Drug Store. Willy Bridgers wheeling and dealing at Gaddis Motor Co. on the square. How he set a record of getting to Jackson in 30 minutes in his V-8 Ford. Kids filled the Courthouse yard playing football or baseball, skating and riding bicycles.

It was good to see Louise Butts and visit with her on the square. Louise once ran a popular cafe on the square where many met to have coffee, eat and pass the time of day.

Reminiscences by Miller Dent, Jr.

Donuts on Cake
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