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No Water and Sewer Bill Adjustments Noted for July

Terry Jackson

Donuts on Cake

The August monthly City of Magnolia Board meeting was held on August 2, 2022, at 5:30pm in City Hall. Besides the normal business of the city being discussed there were several topics that needs to reporting. So here goes!

Mayor Witherspoon reported that “zero” Water and Sewer Billing adjustments or credits were applied or recorded for the month of July. As you recall in prior months, adjustments were as high as $50,000 for a single month.

In the current Magnolia City employee handbook part-time employees were eligible to accrue vacation time. The Board voted to change that policy, reinstating an older policy, whereby only full-time city employees can accrue vacation. The discussion identified that cost savings will be realized by this change in vacation accrual policy.

With the resignation/firing of the City Clerk, Tasha Dillon (not to be confused with Sevetrius Dillon as noted in another article this week), Erica Brown is taking more City Clerk responsibilities. As part of those duties, Eric Brown was approved to have portal access and signature rights for grants to the city related to Hurricane IDA. This authority is required because the city was awarded over $111,000 for Hurricane IDA repairs and reimbursements from MEMA (Mississippi Emergency Management Agency). There was no discussion as to what those monies were to be used for.

City Editor’s Note: Earlier in July, Tasha Dillon, Magnolia’s City Clerk submitted her resignation letter to be effective August 30. In speaking with Tasha, her intentions were to provide the city with enough time for a smooth transition of her exit and the hiring and training of a new city clerk. However, the Mayor recommended to the Board for her immediate firing, which the Board approved after much discussion. The absence of city clerk is sure to create a burden on the operations of city’s administration until a trained and prepared person is hired. I always found Tasha to be very professional, open, and communicative.

The Board adopted a resolution allowing for a $1,000 one-time payment for employees of the Magnolia Police Department. These funds were approved by the state’s governor and administered and provided by the Mississippi Department of Public Safety.

The Board accepted the resignation of Artisa Felder effective immediately. There was no discussion as to the reason for the resignation or what position she served in for the city.

The Camilla Cruisers Car Show is making its annual return to Magnolia on October 15, 2022. East Railroad Ave. will be closed off for the vintage car show.

The Fire Chief reported 31 call for service were responded to in July including 2 house fires, and 3 accidents.

The Police Chief reported 216 calls which included 18 Disturbance Calls, 3 Harassment Calls, 12 Medical Assists, 18 Auto Accidents, 54 Traffic stops with 42 citations; and 3 juvenile issue. The Police chief also highlighted and example of concern citizens calling in potential issues which helped the police diffuse a potentially larger situation. Chief Woodall encouraged the need for more community involvement in help the department better protect the community.

The Public Works Director reported that new signs for North and Quivilan Road were on their way and the new tractor helping with the public works projects.

In summary, the city received $397,000 for the McKay Road bridge repair. As you recall, McKay Road is the on the north end of Magnolia and an access road for the Sanderson Farms Feed Plant and the industrial park.

The Board then went into Executive Session.

Donuts on Cake
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