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My Christmas Wish List

Judy Causey Love

Donuts on Cake

As it says in Ecclesiastes, there a time for everything. And now it’s the time for Christmas lists. I’ve been thankful, now I’m going to be wishful. And I’m going straight to Santa Claus with it!

Santa, our world has been in such chaos, I’d like for you to bring a big bag of STABILITY to all of the countries torn by war, strife and dissention (especially Ukraine). This also includes the United States. And by the way, I’m sure the Lord will be willing to help you load and distribute such a huge request. You need to cover as much territory as possible so maybe you could split up.

I’d also like to ask for all people to get a big box of RESPONSIBILITY for their actions, especially young people. And also the glasses they seem to need in order to look down the road and see what the end result will be if they don’t open this gift box.

I’d like for you to send every politician on every level of government from local to state to national, a lifetime supply of HONESTY. Maybe if they combine that with the gift of RESPONSIBILITY they will act in the interest of the people instead of themselves.

It would be wonderful if you would team up with Jesus and send every church, no matter the denomination, or even the country, a super-sized supply of LOVE, with large-print instructions on how to use it. If they call their Lord a “Lord of Love” then they should follow in his footsteps and not those that lead to greed and selfishness.

Santa, we have a problem with the courts and the judicial system in America. They don’t seem to remember the basic fact that if you don’t punish wrong-doers (for even the smallest crime against another person) the criminals will only get bolder and harm more innocent people. I’d like for them to get two packages. One of FAIRNESS and one of BACKBONE to uphold the Constitution of our great country.

I’d also like to ask that all drug dealers, whether criminal or pharmaceutical, get a huge BAG OF COAL for not already using the above gifts of HONESTY AND LOVE properly.

Now, this next request may be difficult, but hey, you’re Santa Claus, so I think you can handle it. Could you please send all of the news reporters as well as every social media platform a giant supply of RESPONSIBILITY (which is also known as SHUT YOUR MOUTH) so they would stop letting idiots post dangerous lies and deceit and scaring the daylights out of every otherwise levelheaded American?

Hmmm, I’m thinking that my list of all of these things is an order too large to ask for, so how about I just shorten it to one request for everyone everywhere:

“Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, for all of the people you can.” (J. Wesley)

Santa, please leave a huge poster of this in every home that you visit this year with instructions to follow it. If everyone does, we won’t need all of the other gifts and it would save both you and Jesus a lot of heavy lifting.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and I’ll leave the cookies and milk on the coffee table by the tree!

Donuts on Cake
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