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Mandate Wars

Daniel Gardner

Donuts on Cake

At this point the war could go either way. For the past two-plus years authorities from the federal level to state and local levels as well as corporate and institutional levels have been winning the mandate war. Why do we have to sit six feet apart, wear masks, and take shots with experimental ingredients? The “science” no longer supports wholesale one-size-fits-all mandates on everyone. Cue the lawyers.

In the past two weeks President Biden has had Covid twice in spite of having two shots and two boosters. Seems like only last year Biden said in a CNN town hall, “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.” Oops! We shouldn’t pick on Biden. After all, Dr. Fauci is the world’s leading money-making expert on making and preventing vir-uses had his own bouts of COVID. It happens.

So, the mandate war has moved from the laboratory to the courtroom. District Court Judge Matthew McFarland extended a temporary exemption to a Department of Defense COVID-19 vaccine mandate for Air Force and Space Force service members. These service branches had allowed religious exemptions for members, but granted only a few exemptions. Only 135 religious accommodations had been granted while nearly 3,000 were still pending. Disciplinary actions against those who refused the mandated vaccines included demotions, discharges and courts-martial for refusing to comply.

Here’s the legal rub. By law employers cannot treat employees as if they were disabled simply because they were not vaccinated. That’s discrimination. Jeff Childers explains in his daily ‘Coffee & Covid,’ “Consider the case of an employer treating a healthy gay person as having AIDS and requiring them to work from home or something. That’s not fair. It turns out that kind of differential treatment violates the Americans with Disabilities Act.”

Apparently, we’re already in another COVID-19 pandemic. The number of cases is rising again, though the number of COVID deaths is remaining relatively low. This year’s “Flu Season” will include COVID along with all the other usual viruses. Look for class action lawsuits to begin popping up against employers, including federal, state and local governments who discriminated against workers who refused mandates.

Some have always seen the “emergency” mandates as intrusions against our guaranteed rights as citizens. The war of government emergency authority against personal liberty and freedom is now overshadowing the largely imaginary war of “science” against the masses. How much damage did we do to school children the past two years? Who said masks were safe or that lockdowns were necessary? How many two-week periods have we spent “bending the curve?”

Nevertheless, the war of emergency government authority against the Bill of Rights and the Constitution will continue this fall as students return to school. America has fought wars of discrimination throughout her existence. In fact, we were founded on documents enumerating all kinds of discrimination and abuses by overbearing governments. The Bill of Rights itself lists prohibitions against the federal government with regard to speech, religion, and bearing arms.

On the other hand, woke bands of pro-choice supporters and their allies in LGBTQ and Black Lives Matter are hearing that MAGA Extremists are going to do away with all of their rights if they capture the Congress in November. Lucky for them conservatives believe in the Constitution.

Donuts on Cake
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