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Hinds CC Hosts its Annual Tailgating Event for Prospective Students

Donuts on Cake

With graduation quickly approaching, many high school seniors are looking for colleges or universities that will serve their educational and career goals. Hinds hosted its annual Thursday Night Lights event on Oct. 20 at Joe Renfroe Stadium on the Raymond Campus to assist them in their journey to landing that “ideal” institution.

Prospective students and their families were introduced to the world of Hinds by visiting tailgating tents comprised of the college’s recruiters, faculty, staff, and program advisors. Guests also learned about the academic and career-technical programs offered at Hinds and caught a glimpse of the culture and atmosphere of the College.

Magik Bee, the mother of Madison Central High School senior, Major Bee, believes that this event was important because it enabled her son to visit the campus and become familiar with its offerings. “Events such as this are similar to what people learn in salesmanship; you allow the customer to get in the car and allow them to test drive it,” Bee said. “Once they get a feel for the product, it increases their chances of buying into the product or the service.”

Mark Little, a junior at Madison Central High School, decided to attend the event to socialize with a few of his friends, but after walking around to some of the tents, he became interested in studying nursing at Hinds. “This is my first time attending this event, and I look forward to coming again next year,” he said.

Students also met with various departments and organizations to discuss admission requirements, scholarship opportunities, housing, student clubs, etc.

Pearl High School senior Elmer Durrell IV said he is interested in studying computer science and plans to become a software engineer someday. “I have always loved working on computers. I think a career in computer science will be very lucrative and rewarding,” he said.

His father, Elmer Durrell III, believes it is important for his son to receive exposure to an array of collegiate settings. “I would have hated for him to have missed the opportunity to come out and meet with the teachers and advisors at Hinds because it is the best community college in Mississippi.”

After visiting various tents and feasting on some delicious food, attendees were entertained by special performances from the Eagle Marching Band, Hi-Steppers and Hinds Cheerleaders.

To learn more about the college’s programs of study, upcoming recruiting events, or the admissions process, visit

Donuts on Cake
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