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Crescite Club Gentleman’s Evening with Wyatt Waters

Donuts on Cake

The Crescite Club’s Gentlemen’s Evening, a long honored local social tradition, was held at the Fernwood Country Club Tuesday, April 12, 2022. The gathering of 30 people included Crescite members, their husbands who were able to attend, and guests Kristi and Wyatt Waters. Wyatt is an internationally respected watercolorist and artist who is from Southwest Mississippi. “Mississippi Artists -Home Grown Talent” was the theme for the club’s current year.

After a lovely meal, Luke Lampton introduced the artist and his wife. As Wyatt painted, he talked of growing up in Mississippi, those who influenced his progress as an artist, and his current collaborations with Robert St. John. It was fascinating to watch him paint a watercolor still life of flowers, a wine bottle and a glass of red wine, completing it in about 45 minutes.

At the end of the demonstration, Wyatt was given a beautiful gift of a cutting board, handcrafted by Jim Covington. Kristi and Wyatt spent the night at Brentwood, Barbara Willis’s stately family home on Delaware Avenue in McComb, before returning to their home in Clinton the next day.

Crescite Club members presented programs on the following artists for the club year 2021-2022:

Mrs. David Turnage - Edsel Stewart
Mrs. James Clark -Theora Hamblett
Mrs. Turner Willis - Ethel Wright Mohamed
Mrs. James Covington - Sam Gore
Mrs. Carldon Haskins - Dusti Bonge
Mrs. James Brock - Dub Brock
Mrs. James Dykes - Carroll Case
Mrs. Charles Barnes - Jim Henson
Mrs. Joseph Cornacchione - The Summit Trio
Mrs. Thomas Jeffcoat - Andy Young
Mrs. Newton Ward James - William Hollingsworth
Mrs. Scott Thompson - Roger Lawrence
Mrs. Waldo Hitt - Shearwater Pottery
Mrs. William Meyer - Marie Hull
Mrs. Emmett Carlisle - George Orr
Mrs. Lem Mitchell - Karl, Mildred and Bebe Wolfe.

Donuts on Cake
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