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The truth can still hurt

Guy Geller

Donuts on Cake

An open letter to Past President of the United States Donald J. Trump!

It has been 81 years yesterday, since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, precipitating the war in the Far East. Millions of words have been written about this “infamous” day. I don’t need to add my own except to say that too many lives were lost on either side. It’s past time for wars to end. So, on to the letter and the upcoming war of words.

During year 2015 you eliminated sixteen other candidates who must have thought that each had talents or even ideas greater or better in order to throw their proverbial “hats into the ring” of aspiring candidates for the presidency of the United States. Some were seasoned politicians, one of whom was my first choice; others had less stellar credentials but still it was their right. They simply have to be natural-born citizen of this country, be at least thirty five years of age and must have been a resident of the United States for at least fourteen years. Plus, there are other requirements that you undoubtedly met such as paying a filing fee.

You were not cut from the same cloth as any of your opponents, and you were a somewhat fresh face on the political scene; plus, your television success made you welcome. Even though you assigned less than complimentary nicknames to your opponents, but as you said many times, “what have you got to lose?” So, in the end I voted for you and when you won, I accepted you for my President, as opposed to many who swore that you would never be accepted as their President.

I listen to your “building a wall and having Mexico pay for it;”I thought not a bad idea. Then there was replacing Obamacare with something much better; I agreed with that. To your draining of the swamp, I wholeheartedly agreed with that. Those items did not happen! We should give you credit for many accomplishments, actually too many to list. If it makes you feel any better, I agree that then past Vice President Biden did not win the election, you sir lost it!

Your bombastic style was fine for the first campaign, but with your experience as a salesman you should have practiced one of the most basic elements of salesmanship. When the customer says yes, I’ll buy it; take his payment, say thank you, and above all, stop selling!

I have been torn while watching your insatiable thirst for approval. You were approved sufficiently to become the most powerful person in this country if not the world; why continue telling the world that you are the greatest? I firmly believe that, were it not for your constant need for affirmation you would have won by simply “resting on your laurels.”

There is no doubt that the constant fight from your detractors has had an effect on how to fend off, as it turned out, pointless accusations. You must take solace in knowing that a lesser man would have taken his football back and gone home to Mara Lago with a simple goodbye to those people who in their displeasure, still managed to reap rewards from some of your policies and actions.

Personally I didn’t have a problem with your directness, even coarseness at times, but you lost me, and evidently thousands of others by constantly telling us how great you are. Still I voted for you and hoped for the best. It was not to be!

Now my recommendation would be that since you have lost, legally or not; be gracious, stop the fight that the swamp won’t ever let you win, don’t be another Hilary, bitter and disillusioned, but enjoy having been a better than average president who will go down in history as being one of a kind. Your generosity of donating your presidential salary to worthy causes probably won’t happen again in the near or distant future.

I can’t offer advice without doing the same for President Biden. He should probably do what the founding fathers intended, serve his term then go back to earning an honorable living. Being somewhat longer in the tooth than either of these gentlemen; I would suggest that they both take my council and turn the reins of this country to someone more realistic in their thinking. Whether or not either of these gentlemen give any consideration to my “advice” I hope that they realize that at least one of them will be embarrassed. Some of the same people who denigrated Donald Trump won’t have a problem denigrating Joe Biden.

Please rise above the stench of the swamp and if you are enough of a masochist, and you seem to be, since you have announced that you will attempt coming back in four years, campaign as an honorable candidate. Would I vote for you again? This is where none of the above, would probably win. One final word of advice, use your successes to campaign and please stop demeaning your opponents; most of them are pretty good people.

Donuts on Cake
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