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Armchair Ponderings
Middle of the night ponderings

Guy Geller

Donuts on Cake

Pondering #1 As I write this on Wednesday my uppermost wondering is due to my Cardiologists appointment tomorrow. Will we have scheduled a surgery date for my heart?

Pondering #2 Should I rethink my belief in the Second Amendment? The constant multiple shootings with high volume magazines make me wonder if they are necessary? If you are a deer hunter you used to be proud to get your deer with one well placed shot. Not to be sprayed by a machine gun. Let me recap my belief in the second amendment. I was a hidden child during World War II, living in a small village in France. The Germans picked up the list of registered firearms from city hall then went from house to house demanding those guns. The people I lived with turned over the shotgun but claimed that the rifle had been given to his son who was living in Algeria. In a nearby village the men who had a tradition of being hunters did not relinquish their weapons. The Germans rounded up twelve of those men, took them to the city square and shot them in public. The rest turned in their guns.

There are more guns in this country than the population of over three-hundred millions. I once read that the Japanese would not attempt to invade the continental United States because almost everyone had a gun. True or false, I don’t know!

Ponderings #3 The latest unchecked riots in Chicago made me wonder if they are being intentionally ignored to feed more national unrest. In the past before the First Amendment had so many restrictions, I remember reading that if martial law was declared, the President could remain in office indefinitely or does a military Hunta take over and kicks all the politicians out of office? Today I tried to find anything about that on Google, in multiple searches, each time my query came back with “unable to reach Site.” Amazing!

Ponderings #4 Why is it that there are so many television shows that feature murders. Killing of humans has become a game. Then we wonder why young people believe that it’s alright to get a gun and shoot the kid that in my day we would just do it with fists, brush of our clothes then go together to get a soft drink.

I know! The television experts say that TV has no bearing on human behavior. If that is really so; why are billions spent on TV advertising each year? Tried to look that up but Google must be asleep at 4:30 am.

Ponderings #5 It seems that the mayor of Jackson finally got his wish. The company that he was championing for whatever reason has a one year contract to pick up the city’s garbage.

Ponderings #6 Why is it that a large portion of this country’s population is intent on murdering unborn children. If a pregnant woman is shot and the fetus is killed, then the shooter is charged with two murders. If a doctor does it it’s just a blob to be eliminated. There used to be something called abstinence or at least protection. I understand, there are rapes and incest which fall under a different category.

So much for this night. I would rather be sleeping!

Donuts on Cake
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