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Guy Geller

Donuts on Cake

The Coffee Caboose Roasters, LLC has been advertising in the Magnolia Gazette for several weeks; November 14th was the “soft opening” of this important new business in Tylertown, located in the historic GM&O railroad depot.

I have been watching a complete, transformation of the interior of the historic GM&O railroad depot that operated from 1938 until 1972. The Gulf, Mobile & Ohio railroad was replaced by the Illinois Central Gulf using the same building. The Coffee Caboose management, while restoring the building, was intent on keeping the theme of a 1930s small town rail depot. Completed, it is now a vibrant retail outlet for the new Coffee Caboose Roasters, LLC plus locally hand-crafted soaps and honey by Coon Hill Farm, ground corn products from Nora Mills in Helen, Georgia and Boar’s Head products. With more local producers to come.

This is to be the culmination of a dream by Therese Anne Geller Copeland Jones. Teri as she is known to dozens, was born in Chaumont Air Force Base but registered in the small village of Semoutier in France. Her father was stationed at the Chaumont Air Force Base in 1958/1959 before being transferred to Lakenheath in England for two more years.

Teri has spent the last 32 years as a regional supervisor for two grocery store chains responsible for the success of up to 26 in-store delicatessens. The quest for ownership while converting the knowledge and experience she has acquired while furthering her employer’s successes, can now be the foundation for her own business model as it has been on the back of her mind for years.

A lifelong avid coffee drinker, Teri began roasting coffee beans as a hobby for her own consumption fifteen years ago. That entailed much research as to methods, equipment and raw bean sources from several coffee producing countries. She chose four and eliminated several others. That work was the foundation for the development of a new and vibrant Coffee Shop, delicatessen and bakery. From French bread, to decorated wedding cakes and designer pastries in between.

She has called upon her oldest son Christopher Copeland to acquire and develop the skills needed to operate as Master Roaster/ Operations Manager of the Coffee Caboose Roasters. Daughter Lacey Rushing with her son Tyson, are members of the staff. Tyson a student, graduating from Southwest Community College next month, with a penchant for cooking has become a part-time cook making lunch pies, and panini sandwiches. Baking different breads, using a method from the baker in Chateauvillain, France, Teri brought experienced baker Amber Westmorland on board along with talented Cake decorator, Jenny Rodrigue.

This project was aided by her husband Dennis Jones taking time from his own business to contribute his skills during the renovation. His continued support will be noted in the months to come.

The formal grand opening of the Coffee Caboose Roasters, LLC Bakery and Café will take place with ribbon-cutting at 1:00PM December 9, 2022.

Donuts on Cake
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