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Armchair Ponderings
Is Putin taking a page from Hitler’s playbook?

Guy Geller

Donuts on Cake

February 24, 2022, 6:20 AM

I woke up an hour ago filled with apprehension, not knowing why. I walked around in the house and outside; all was well. I fixed my usual cup of coffee and then turned on the television to see sadly how many people were shot in and around Jackson. Instead, I saw that the events that some generals have been warning the President about; the invasion of Ukraine has begun.

By the time this goes to press next week; it may all be over. In any case I have to jot down my thoughts on this subject. I lived through Hitler’s invasion of Europe in France as a child, having to descend almost nightly into a bomb shelter; now a different despot who thinks he is the greatest contribution to world history is on the march.

Adolph Hitler invaded Poland in 1939 as a catalyst to begin World War II in Europe. There had been provisions from the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 after the defeat of Germany. It demanded that the Rhineland should be demilitarize and the occupation by Germany should end. The Rhineland consisted of approximately ten percent of Germany at that time. Hitler sent military forces back to the Rhineland violating the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. He unilaterally cancelled the terms in 1935. He absorbed Austria and a part of Czechoslovakia. He then invaded Poland in 1939. Then on to all of western Europe.

How does that equate to Putin’s moves of February 24, 2022? Realistically, he has been preparing for this action for months; staging up to 150,000 troops surrounding the country. Generals and Pundits have been warning the president of the United States of this impending action for weeks. Look back to the takeover of the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine in 2014, with no intervention from President Obama. There was a thought that the next step might be incrementalization, small section of Ukraine at the time. Maybe even Moldova, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania could be targets for the not-too-distant future. February 24th proved how wrong the thinking was. It turned out to be the launching attacks from three fronts to actually attempt to take over the entire country of Ukraine.

If Russian troops can surround the Capital of Kiev, they could replace the Government from within, in essence handing the country over to Russia.

We continue to import oil from Russia at a rate of from 12 to 26 million barrels of crude oil per month at over $100.00 per barrel. Even as Russia has launched an offensive against the Ukraine, we continue to buy oil from them to help finance our adversaries’ bellicose actions. Does that really make sense? Our leaders threaten sanctions. That’s like telling a child shame on you! If you continue, I’ll put you in timeout.

Like a paper dragon or tiger whichever you prefer, we have reduced our military forces, to a dangerous level. We continue to have a border open to terrorists or anyone who can swim or slither across with little or no consequences. I’m concerned that we do not have the ability to have a wartime president which is what we will need in the coming months. I try to give President Biden the benefit of the doubt but when he makes a statement like he did a couple of weeks ago, “that the US response to a Russian invasion of Ukraine would depend on whether it was a minor incursion; ”which in essence gave Putin a green light to do exactly what he started last night.

One of my young friends suggested that a member of the White House Staff, should sneak out to call past President Trump with “What should we do now?” I know! I’m going to catch a lot of flak for that statement but that was an independent thought from a patriot. How many more citizens think the same way? Before this is all over, which will take longer than anyone thinks; the country may come to the realization that this attack would probably not have taken place under the Trump administration.

President Biden is so cowed by the “Green” crowd and the ultra-liberal “Squad” that he will not turn on the flow of oil to the European countries that now depend on Russia for their oil and gas. When the United States was energy independent, we could send oil to them reducing the price of oil worldwide, instead of contributing to Putin’s coffers. Maybe President Biden can be convinced to reconsider and let the oil go from this country, to curb the number of deaths of innocent civilians in Ukraine.

I can rationalize that this event would not have taken place without the debacle of the Afghanistan withdrawal giving Putin the idea that the leadership of America has changed; not for the better. Now what can we expect from China? They have been gnashing at the bit to take over Taiwan. This would be an ideal time with our concentration on Ukraine.

February 25, day two of Russia’s insurgence into the sovereign country of Ukraine. We can be sure that Putin is trying to bring back the USSR. Russian troops are heading toward Kiev the capital.

The Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy appeared on television telling the country, that it would probably be the last time that they would see him alive; but he was staying and was not going anywhere. That reminded me of the famous words of Patrick Henry in 1775; “Give me liberty or Give me death!” Those or similar words have been uttered in many countries in time of revolutions fighting for freedom. The motto of Greece is “Liberty or Death.”

In any case, President Zelensky, a television comedian turned president must be praised for his leadership and bravery for not taking up the offer of the United States to get him out of the country.

On our side of the coin, I Just saw the Vice President state “sanctions have always been a deterrent and we will continue to use them.” Five minutes before there was a clip of Biden stating “we all know that sanctions won’t work immediately, we can have a conversation in a month or so and see if they are working.” It’s great to see that they are on the same page.

We see weapons being distributed to the civilian citizens, most with no military experience, but they are willing to fight to keep their independence. Men from 18 to 65 are conscripted to remain and fight, however most are doing it willingly to stand up against Putin.

February 26, 5:00 PM day three. The fighting continued throughout the day. It is 1:00 AM in Kiev, only one large building is showing electricity. Everything else is dark except for a huge red glow in the distance. Reputedly a civilian oil depot is burning. So, Russia is not restricting its offensive to military targets. It seems that they want to win at any cost.

We hear that several countries including Germany are sending weapons to Ukraine. I would imagine that the philosophy is, better to help them now and keep them away, than wait and have to fight them when they try to take over our country.

February 27, 6:10 AM Much to the chagrin of Vladimir Putin; Volodymyr Zelenskyy and Ukraine have been able to hold off the Russian invaders, instead of folding in forty-eight hours, as he had expected. It really looks like Putin is beginning to panic; thousands of people in Germany are marching in protest of his actions, there are protests even in Russia. Some Russian soldiers are laying down their arms rather than fighting against Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. The latest, he is making threats against the International Space Station. If he was to act upon that threat, it would bring his certain downfall. Even newer, that could be considered a threat, is that he has ordered an increase in Russian nuclear readiness.

I think that with all of his experience if he would go all out to vanquish the people of Ukraine by demolishing the country, he should know that not only would it bring him the wrath of the world, but it would be up to Russia to rebuild a useful country, which at this time he doesn’t have the financial strength to do.

February 28, 6:30 AM Ukraine is still a sovereign country! Damaged, but still fighting to the point that Russian troops have suffered losses. Grocery stores are still open with food on the shelves. Russia has managed to kill 16 children. They must be so proud. Now there is a chance that peace talks will take place later today on the border to Belarus. We can be sure that Putin will have to save face, so no one knows what he will do. Time has come for me to turn this in for this week’s newspaper. I hope that this is not boring you. It is intended to show what could happen even here, under a joint attack from Russia and China.

Donuts on Cake
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