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A Witness to History

Virginia Reames

Donuts on Cake

Scott McNamee created the outline of the State of Mississippi, cut from wood of a pecan tree planted during the Civil War and grown in an orchard in the Raymond, MS area. The current landowner, while culling a few trees from his orchard, decided to use some of the wood in his house - given its historic background. He had the wood cut and stacked to air dry - where it stayed for over 7 years. As he got ready to use the perfectly dried wood, he realized he had more than he needed and graciously allowed the remainder to be sold and used by others who could appreciate its significance and rarity. Both sides of Highway 18 did then (during the Civil War) and still have several multi-generational pecan orchards, from which this pecan wood was harvested! A pecan tree, a member of the Hickory family, can live and produce for well over 150 years!

Donuts on Cake
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