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Hinds CC Graduation Speaker Invokes
‘Service to Humanity’

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Ameerah Shaibi of Vicksburg was the graduation speaker for the 2 p.m. May 11 graduation ceremony at Hinds Community College. She is with some of her
family members, including dad Gehad, brother Mohamed, 13, and sisters Shifa, 6, and Wafa, 8.

Ameerah Shaibi came to the United States from Yemen at age 7, not speaking English.
On May 11, she was the student speaker for the 2 p.m. graduation ceremony at Hinds Community College. A first-generation college student, she will attend nursing school at the University of Mississippi Medical Center beginning this summer.

“Graduating signifies hard work, determination and achievement,” said Shaibi, 19, who lives in Vicksburg. “It means opening up a door to a whole new world of opportunities. Hinds has helped me and many others achieve that dream, and I am incredibly grateful to be graduating from a distinguished college that has provided me with the foundation required to continue my academic pursuits.

“As I look around, I observe the uniqueness of each individual here. Regardless of race, gender, age, national origin, disability, socio-economic status, or who and what you are celebrating today, this room brings us together as humans,” she said. “Isn’t it beautiful how we learn, grow, develop and become functional adults simply to serve each other as humans? Whether you are a doctor or nurse helping patients and residents with their health, a lawyer representing a client in court, a construction worker ensuring the safety of people on the road, or an instructor imparting knowledge to students, we are at the service of humanity.”

Offering the invocation and benediction was James Robinson of Jackson, who was president of M2M-Minority Male Leadership. He will work toward a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Mississippi College in the fall.

Hinds President Dr. Stephen Vacik, in his remarks to graduates, asked them to remain connected to Hinds.

“I am reminded that you represent a very diverse set of viewpoints and circumstances. You are connected, however, by a belief that a community college education is a gateway to building a better life and creating better communities for our future generations,” he said. “When you leave here today, our hope is that you remember that you are a part of us, part of the collective history of Hinds CC. Share your experiences with others. Come back and visit often. And consider how you can contribute to the endearing legacy of Hinds, which depends on our alumni, past, present and future.”

James Robinson, 39, of Jackson offered the invocation and benediction for the 2 p.m. May 11 graduation ceremony at Hinds Community College. He plans to transfer to Mississippi College to study psychology. “Graduation means the world to me, especially with the accolades and opportunities I’ve received. This has given me confidence and the much needed belief in myself.”

Donuts on Cake
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