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Don’t be fooled by old drummers

Daniel Gardner

Donuts on Cake

How does the remainder of 2022 look, and how will 2023 compare? Will Democrats march to a new beat, or continue to follow the same old drummer.

What are some of President Biden’s greatest accomplishments? The short list includes: highest gas prices ever, highest inflation rate in more than 40 years, severe supply chain shortages, and the most open southern border in history.

On a CNN Sunday morning news program, the anchor remarked that when the country is facing so many problems in an election year, the majority in power has to do something. That’s profound! Can Democrats do anything to change the direction of the country before the November elections?

Remember, Covid 2022 is coming. Considering how the government handled Covid last year, we should not be surprised to see more of the same vaccine mandates, mask mandates, lockdowns, and restrictions in formerly routine activities and travel. In other words, government at every level is likely to follow last year’s mistakes harming the most vulnerable among us in the name of a declared health emergency.

On his first day in office President Biden shutdown the Keystone Pipeline and crushed domestic production of gas and oil, ending America’s years of energy independence, making us dependent on despotic regimes for our own energy needs, and depleting our national reserves to pre-1987 levels.

By dumping hundreds of billions of dollars into our economy, Biden lit a fire under historic inflation that is likely to lead to a recession later this year or early in 2023. What’s the answer? Biden’s top economic adviser told Sunday morning news programs the US is just in a “period of transition.”

National Economic Council Director Brian Deese acknowledged some economic challenges, but insisted America is in a better position than other nations saying, “The United States is positioned better than any other major economy to bring inflation down and address these challenges without giving up all of the economic gains we’ve made, and that’s because of the strength of our recovery. We have the strongest job market in modern history.”

Challenges in the supply chain literally hit home with the severe shortage of baby formula. According to news reports, red flags began to appear last Oct. in production plants. Whether from incompetence or apathy, the FDA did not investigate or respond until Jan. when the crisis was already full blown and getting worse. Meanwhile mothers across the nation began raising alarms and Democrats began looking for someone else to blame.

The big challenge with the longest term impact on America is our open southern border. News media have camouflaged Biden’s border crisis since Biden stopped building the wall. For whatever reasons, news outlets across the board have been soft-peddling devastating human atrocities as nothing more than collateral damage in an ocean of “tens of thousands seeking asylum and the hundreds of thousands of families and unaccompanied children who are just seeking a better life….”

A February report by the Customs and Border Patrol said, “traffickers made a total of $411.5 million in February taking people from Mexico and Central American countries to the US border – which amounts to an average of $14.6 million for each day in February.”

Democrats and their kin will likely march to the same drum in 2023. Don’t be fooled by the same old drummer.

Donuts on Cake
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