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Do all questions have answers?

Guy Geller

Donuts on Cake

The question of the day! Will today’s government pay off a portion of 43 million college loans to insure a vote for the blue party? The average, college loan debt balance came out at $37,667. Surprisingly only 2% or somewhat less of private debt enter default. This would indicate that responsible people are honoring their debts; not requiring government assistance.

Parents who either honor their child’s desire or convince them to attend “blue Chip” universities instead of a state college are saddled with substantial tuitions which, depending on their financial status may or may not require long term loans.

We have seen television interviews of some college students overjoyed with the possibility of knocking 10 or 20 thousand dollars off their debt, enabling them to invest in a larger television on nicer clothes. Nothing was said about decreasing the debt.

A business degree from a state university is a business degree. It may not be as prestigious as one with a snob effect the country’s top fifty universities. We don’t dispute the fact that it is necessary for some professional goals i.e. medical, law, engineering etc. The question remains, does a seventy-five thousand dollar a year degree reap the touted rewards. I understand that an Ivy league degree will open prestigious doors more so than perhaps a regional college.

Now to the real topic. Please explain to the hard-working person; a head of household as a single parent, raising a family, who may have learned a trade necessary for the more fortunate to live comfortably, that he or she will be saddled with a debt of another for the remainder of their working lives. A carpenter, electrician, plumber, nurse’s aide and an automobile technician have very specialized training and now with modern technology a specialized education. How many college graduates with a degree in Greek literature or ancient history are capable of rewiring an electrical distribution box or of making the air-conditioning cool during the heat of summer?

When is humanity going to realize that it takes many talents, opinions and beliefs to make a balanced world? Maybe with hope and joy for all. Because we don’t all agree doesn’t mean that one side or the other consists of bad people. Look at what is happening to churches all over the world; dividing over different opinions and many that some might count as less than intelligent, yeah stupid reasons like sound systems, building temperature and sermon length not to mention same sex marriages. So, if church members who claim to be guided by divine intervention can’t agree, how do we expect countries that differ in almost everything, to coexist without attempting to convert others to their way of thinking?

Probably not in the time that I have left on this earth!

Donuts on Cake
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