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Armchair Ponderings
May 8th Memories

Guy Geller

Donuts on Cake

Seventy years ago today, May 8, 1945, was the day that the allies accepted an unconditional surrender of Germany after six years of fighting and untold numbers of atrocities of World War II. Today the Sunday shows made no mention of that event that I could find. We don’t have a television that can display NBC, CBS, and ABC simultaneously so I may have missed any reference made when I was switching between channels. One talked about Cambodian donuts shops, but above all topics, was the latest United States Supreme Court leak of a possible elimination of the Roe V. Wade edict that allowed women to abort, some say murder unborn children.

Yea! I’m glad my mother didn’t believe in that procedure or I might not be here to write this; that has been called tripe by members of the “whoops I messed up, let’s get rid of the kid.” crowd. He or she might have been the one who could find a cure cancer or any number of wonderful things. The proponents of abortion by any means will say, what about medical necessity to save the life of a mother? I can’t argue with that. Then .04% of abortions are the result of rapes whether by a stranger or family member. Without getting on a platform but to put it in perspective by reporting “fact checked” numbers; over 63 million unborn children have been put to death since that decision on January 22ndin 1973. What a shame! As a bit of information, the entire population of France is 65 million which is the second most populace country in Europe after Germany. The rest are below the number of aborted children in the United States. Must we not be proud?

Let’s go back to May 8, 2022. Mother’s Day. This was the day that for decades mothers would find their Sunday best to wear to church. Each vying to be the youngest or oldest mother in the congregation. Our oldest this year was 91 and our youngest was 22 years of age. Each was just as proud of her children in attendance as the other mothers in the congregation. The celebration of Mother’s Day originated in Philadelphia on May 12, 1907 by Anna Jarvis. Then in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson announced the first National celebration of Mother’s Day, to always be on the second Sunday in May.

I can’t let that day pass without acknowledging the mother of our three children and our 39 progenies which also include several wives. She was an 18 years old Mississippi girl who gave up a comfortable home with a college deposit already paid by her father, to marry a Connecticut Yankee and go spend two years in France followed by two more years in England without seeing her parents for four years. Realistically he could have been a total stranger, it was definitely a proverbial “leap of faith.” One, of the thrills she had was washing cloth baby diapers, by hand in a small, almost freezing river behind our 356 years old rental house. That was just the beginning. Next month it will be 65 years of constant surprises. Yesterday she was painting the railing around our deck. We have been each other’s constant companions since the beginning except for four months she had to wait to join me in France in 1958. Each of our three children will attest to the fact that there could not have been a better mother. Then I can add, there could not have been a better wife.

Donuts on Cake
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