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Sudden Death, Come-from-Behind Finish: MC’s Academic Competition Boasts Thrills, First-Time Champion



Jackson Academy survived a sudden-death semifinal match and overcame a first-round deficit in the finals to capture its first Mississippi College Academic Competition championship Jan. 19 on the Clinton campus.
JA’s intense semifinal match against Mississippi Pinebelt was decided by a single toss-up question: What process is used to separate the components of complex mixtures of chemical compounds by selective adsorption to a solid medium?
After several stress-filled seconds, Gautam R . . .

Terry Headlight News



Terry P. Johnson

On Saturday morning, Susan Champion Yates announced the death of her father, J.B. Champion. This was particularly sad to most of us in town, as J.B. had built the car garage on Cunningham Avenue in between Sweeney’s Service Station and the Underwood home. His wife, Dot Champion, was a writer for the Terry Headlight for a while.

His obituary, along with that of Mr. William “Bill” Davis, follows:
J.B. Champion

(June 7, 1933 - January 21, 2023) -- TERRY

J.B. “Buddy” Champion, Jr., age 89 – . . .

Utica Institute Museum to Receive State Award



Cathy Hayden

The Utica Institute Museum at Hinds Community College’s Utica Campus is the winner of the Mississippi Humanities Council’s Reflecting Mississippi Award for 2023.

Co-directors of the museum are English instructor Dan Fuller and retired librarian Jean Greene.

“Something that I’ve been very excited about as this project has developed is the degree to which our students have become involved in the process. With support from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Mississippi Humanitie . . .

Terry Headlight News



Terry P. Johnson

January 2023 has come. It is already the 16th when I write this week’s column. 2023 is the year during which most of our elected officials in Mississippi will be elected (on November 7th) after being elected in the party primaries (on August 8th).

I hope that the people who may not usually read the column from Terry will read it this week because I do have some interesting information to share. Or, if you know someone who should be aware of the following information (any voter who wil . . .

From the Pastor’s Pen:
“Blessed...” (Matthew 7:19-20)



Zachery Byrd

“Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus, you will recognize them by their fruits.”
(Matthew 7:19-20)

Can we lament together for a moment? Our society has robbed man of his glorious beginning. Lumps of clay, yes, we were, but we were formed by the triune God for a glorious purpose. Inglorious beginnings but a glorious end. How much I long for the days when man knew he created by a free and gracious act of God instead of pulling himself up by his bo . . .

Armchair Ponderings
Public speaking, a lost art!



Guy Geller

I never cease to be amazed by the lack of preparedness of public speakers in today’s times. Starting with the president of the United States reading his speeches; whether they are written for him by a room-full of speechwriters or on occasion he speaks “off the cuff” it is still sad. The latest example of read speeches was Friday’s introduction of the new Director of Athletics at Mississippi State University, watching him, it appeared that he read every word.

Then there is the over use of fil . . .

Can a Democrat Get Elected to
The Governor’s Mansion?



Mac Gordon

Democrat Brandon Presley wasted no time in grabbing hold of the populism theme in announcing his bid to unseat Republican Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves.

“I ain’t never owned a tennis racket. I ain’t never had a sweater wrapped around my waist and I ain’t never been a member of a country club,” Presley said Jan. 12 in an interview about his decision to square off against Reeves.

Just in case there were some elitist who didn’t quite get what Presley was saying, he added this:

“I’m in . . .

“Just As I Am” - The Story of Charlotte Elliott



Dwalia South

You know this hymn by heart I’m sure... it is a song very familiar to most churchgoing folk as we stand firmly clutching the pew in front of us and often trying unsuccessfully to suppress our tears. We knew that “Just As I Am” was coming as the altar call when the song leader said, “Please stand and turn in your hymnals to page 240.” In a small country church, if things went as usual that Sunday morning, we would make it through two or perhaps three verses and the preacher would quietly signal . . .

Felder’s Indoor Plants:
Mid-Winter Maintenance Tips



Felder Rushing

Just like people, cooped up indoor plants can use a midwinter break. But unlike humans’ Seasonal Affective Disorder, tropical plants have their own brand of misery andcan’t just waltz out the door for a stretch in the sunshine.
The other day I shuffled my moribund-looking house bound plants, mostly small pots of succulents and heirloom favs but also some back-straining larger ones, outside to get perked up with a dose of gentle winter solar radiation, a breath of humid fresh air, and a good . . .

Does Chaos Rule America’s
Transportation Systems?



Mac Gordon

The chaos that overwhelmed America’s transportation systems during the recent holiday season extended far beyond airport terminals.

But, as for flight travel, it will likely be years before Southwest Airlines overcomes inadequacies in managing flight schedules caused by the disastrous winter weather.

Southwest trotted out its hierarchy for apologies to the discordant passengers stacked up like cordwood in terminals nationwide. The airline did appease some homesick travelers with the apolo . . .

Pet Peeves



Judy Causey Love

So, it’s 2023 and we get a fresh start, right? Well, maybe just a fresh opportunity to get things off our chests.

Let’s talk about pet peeves. Everyone has them. Something that really bugs the stuffing out of you. Is it never being able to locate the television remote? Is it finding that someone in the family always leave the car with only a half-ounce of gas? Is it wet towels left to grow mold on the bathroom floor?

Do you have someone in your house that consistently leaves doors open? It . . .

Terry Headlight News



Terry P. Johnson

Unfortunately, there are two deaths with connections to the town of Terry to report. This morning, I learned of the death of Albert Pleasant. He was a graduate of Terry High School and the widower of fellow graduate Sandra Whittington Pleasant, who was an accomplished musician. They were the parents of two daughters, Brenda Carol and Kelly. Albert’s obituary will be published as soon as it is available.

The second death to mention is that of the mother of Town Clerk Alexis Reed Thompson . . .

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